Why Hieronymus Bosch?

Why Hieronymus Bosch?

Hieronymus Bosch a Dutch painter born in the year 1450 has left a long lasting impact on the world of art. Many know him for his surreal and unique artwork, seen through his painting Garden of Earthly Delights.

Garden Of Earthly Delights - Bosch

His artwork was pretty much Christianity on steroids depicting fantastic and elaborate illustrations of the invisible world of Angels and Demons.

Unfortunately, Not much is known about the personal life of Hieronymus Bosch, but there is little doubt that he was a God-fearing man. He must have spent hours learning about the nature of man and how he conceptualized duality into his works of art. 

Duality and temptation are best shown in "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Starting with the first panel depicting the "Garden Of Eden," you see God presenting Adam with his new partner in crime Eve. This is where the concept of original sin began and ultimately the sin of eating the forbidden fruit that followed Adam and Eve's descendants after.

So apparently, we’re all fucked…



The middle panel shows nude men and women enveloped in acts of self-absorbed sin, not knowing the tight rope they are walking because death and hell are just around the corner. This depiction shows how sin starts as a relatively harmless act. Sometimes evil comes to you innocently, winning you over slowly over time.

Apparently, someone didn’t think their shit stank, as you can see depicted here.

You can’t put a flower into your ass and call it a vase. I guess he didn’t get the memo…

The last panel is a hellish landscape manifested into the world. All humanity has now given into the temptations of sin and is reaping the rewards of eternal damnation, YIKES! The world is now covered in darkness, and evil has taken its proper form. So I hope you packed a sleeping bag and marshmallows. We are sure that Mr. Bosch had people shitting themselves in fear of the world that lies beyond the realm of the living.

So why put his art on clothing?

Regardless of what you believe, his art has stood the test of time because it was so revolutionary at the time that there was no one quite like him. His works have had a cult-like following that grows to this day. We are huge fans of his at UnhappyBanana and wanted to show the love of his art on clothing you can cherish year after year.

Garden Of Earthly Delights Yoga Leggings

Sometimes classics never lose their touch or go out of style!



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