About UnhappyBanana

UnhappyBanana was created by me Eros Basileus in 2018. It started out as a fitness blog then turned into a dark goth & alternative clothing brand with a dash of weirdness. UnhappyBanana has been a clothing brand since February 28th 2021 and has grown considerably ever since.


When it comes to the dark weird and alternative I live for that shit! I want you to have the best there is starting from the instant you make your first purchase til you first open your new UnhappyBanana merch! 


I can imagine that most of you have been wondering what the hell is up with the name? First off you would have no idea how many times I get asked "is that some sort of erectile dysfunction thing?"


The answer is no. Yeah sorry to disappoint you but it's not... 


Since it started out as a fitness blog I went through all the usual boring already used fitness sounding names and out of pure ADHD boredom wrote down a bunch of silly side names. I decided to show my fiancé at the time and see which ones she liked. I was secretly hoping that UnhappyBanana was the one she picked and that was the very same one she did. 


We unfortunately didn't didn't make it.


Even though I was devasted, broken, and more depressed than I ever have been (we spent 7 years together) I still continued on with the clothing brand dream -1 person. So I poured every part of who I was into UnhappyBanana so it can continue to grow and be the best there is for you guys. Because no matter what happens in life this brand is for you to enjoy.